The shoeshiners
of open source

The coders of Open Source often do a second shining of their code – and when they do they mark their commit with the word “polish”.

And by “polish” they don’t mean a person from Poland, but: I am not changing any functionality with this commit, but make the code better, prettier, more extensible, less DRY

Shoeshine stand, Southeastern U.S. by Walker Evans,1936

Shoeshine stand, Southeastern U.S. by Walker Evans,1936

The listings below are all outputs from the following one liner:

git log -i --grep=polish --pretty=format:"%an" | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

Spring Framework

    346 Juergen Hoeller
    182 Keith Donald
    168 Sam Brannen
    126 Chris Beams
    110 Rossen Stoyanchev
     67 Phillip Webb
     20 Stephane Nicoll
      8 Thomas Risberg
      7 Arjen Poutsma
      3 Brian Clozel
      3 Andy Clement
      2 Scott Andrews
      2 Rob Winch
      2 Mark Pollack
      1 Vasyl Tretiakov
      1 Costin Leau
      1 Ben Hale
      1 Andy Wilkinson

Jürgen Höller is topping this list. He is one of the two founders of this framework, he is the top committer and is renowned for his very high quality software code. And the term Jürgenized is made in his name:

The process of turning code to solve a problem at hand that might look sufficient at the first glance into rock solid, quality assured, perfectly documented and extensible code. Jürgenization

Spring Boot

    164 Phillip Webb
     10 Christian Dupuis
     10 Andy Wilkinson
      2 Stephane Nicoll
      1 Josh Long

Spring Boot is a fairly young project. Not surprising to see one of the two project leads, Phillip Webb (940 commits), on top of this list. A little more surprising not seeing Dave Syer (1261 commits), the other project lead, on this list.

Hibernate ORM

3 Sanne Grinovero

Almost no polishing from the Hibernate department.

Seems like this is a Spring thing. Like spring cleaning …