React Components

in Go

Go React is React bindings for Go with a set of supplementary components.

To be more specific, it is GopherJS bindings for Facebook’s React – have a look at github.com/bep/gr.

Go React code example in editor.

Go React code example in editor.

I started this side project some time ago, and I have plans to get it passed the experimental stage – it isn’t ready for production use yet – but I use it for some internal web apps and it works.

And it is a very pleasant experience to write React applications in Go and have all the ReactJS components available via npm install.

A simple click counter example looks like this:

func main() {
    component := gr.New(new(clickCounter))

    gr.RenderLoop(func() {
        component.Render("react", gr.Props{})

type clickCounter struct {

// Implements the StateInitializer interface.
func (c clickCounter) GetInitialState() gr.State {
    return gr.State{"counter": 0}

// Implements the Renderer interface.
func (c clickCounter) Render() gr.Component {
    counter := c.State()["counter"]
    message := fmt.Sprintf(" Click me! Number of clicks: %v", counter)

    elem := el.Div(
            gr.CSS("btn", "btn-lg", "btn-primary"),
            gr.Style("color", "orange"),

    return examples.Example("Click Counter", elem)

func (c clickCounter) onClick(event *gr.Event) {
    c.SetState(gr.State{"counter": c.State().Int("counter") + 1})

// Implements the ShouldComponentUpdate interface.
func (c clickCounter) ShouldComponentUpdate(next gr.Cops) bool {
    return c.State().HasChanged(next.State, "counter")