2018 in 60 Seconds

This video is the year 2018 in 60 seconds – beautiful images and wind controller music.

Hugo 0.22 Released: Nested Sections!

The new Hugo brings proper content trees!

Hugo 0.21 Released: Shortcodes per Output Format!

Hugo 0.21 completes the Custom Output Format feature with shortcode support for each output, especially useful for Google AMP.

Hugo 0.20 Released: Custom Output Formats!

More than 180 contributions by over 30 contributors in six weeks is impressive! The new Hugo 0.20 paves the way for JSON search indexes, calendars, e-books, Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP…

Hugo 0.19 Released: Native Emacs Org-mode Support and Lots of Improvement!

More than 180 contributions by 50 contributors in two months is impressive. The new Hugo 0.19 has plenty of fixes, enhancements and new features.

MacBook Wi-Fi Dropout Band-Aid

11Read on for a band-aid solution to the recurring MacBook Wi-Fi dropout problem.