Hugo 0.22 Released: Nested Sections!

The new Hugo brings proper content trees!

Grab the binary of your choice here.

Release Notes

Hugo 0.22 brings nested sections, by popular demand and a long sought after feature (#465). We are still low on documentation for this great feature, but @bep has been kind enough to accompany his implementation with a demo site.

This release represents 58 contributions by 10 contributors to the main Hugo code base. Since last release Hugo has gained 420 stars and 2 additional themes.

@bep still leads the Hugo development with his witty Norwegian humor, and once again contributed a significant amount of additions. But also a big shoutout to @bogem, @moorereason, and @onedrawingperday for their ongoing contributions. And as always big thanks to @digitalcraftsman for his relentless work on keeping the documentation and the themes site in pristine condition.

Hugo now has:

Other Highlights

.Site.GetPage can now also be used to get regular pages (#2844):

{{ (.Site.GetPage "page" "blog" "" ).Title }}

Also, considerable work has been put into writing automated benchmark tests for the site builds, and we’re happy to report that although this release comes with fundamental structural changes, this version is – in general – even faster than the previous. It’s quite a challenge to consistently add significant new functionality and simultaneously maintain the stellar performance Hugo is famous for.


.Site.Sections is replaced. We have reworked how sections work in Hugo, they can now be nested and are no longer taxonomies. If you use the old collection, you should get detailed upgrade instructions in the log when you run hugo. For more information, see this demo site.









  • Improve live-reload on directory structure changes making removal of directories or pasting new content directories into  /content just work fe901b81 @bep #3570
  • Respect disableKinds=["sitemap"] 69d92dc4 @bep #3544
  • Fix disablePathToLower regression 5be04486 @bep #3374
  • Fix ref/relref issue with duplicate base filenames 612f6e3a @bep #2507