The shoeshiners
of open source

The coders of Open Source often do a second shining of their code – and when they do they mark their commit with the word “polish”.

And by “polish” they don’t mean a person from Poland, but: I am not changing any functionality with this commit, but make the code better, prettier, more extensible, less DRY

How rich is Rich Hickey?

After Clojure – richer, for sure. If Rich Hickey’s life line is a persistent list, there should be ways to track the value of values.

Rich Hickey (2009). Photo: Tapestry Dude

Rich Hickey (2009). Photo: Tapestry Dude

The legacy of
date and time

The JSR 310 gave JDK 8 a new and long awaited new design of date and time in Java. But since the old classes that has been trying to do the same are still in wide spread use, handling of these vital value types will suffer from the legacy in the next decade or so.

So the creators of the new API decided they needed to bridge the old and the new. The code snippet below is borrowed from Oracle’s JDK 8. It converts a java.time.LocalDateTime  to a java.sql.Timestamp (the latter is used to persist timestamps to the database through JDBC):

Linear colour scheme
with LESS

Make content boxes with a linear colour scheme using a LESS loop.

Linear colour scheme by LESS

Linear colour scheme by LESS

Archimede pilot

This is my newish Archimede pilot watch: 42 mm, made in Germany with ETA 2824-2 Swiss automatic movement.

Great value for money.

Inside my vintage Longines

I wrote a piece about a vintage Longines I knew nothing about. I opened it up, and now I know some.

Movement of a Longines 14k gold 1957

Movement of a Longines 14k gold 1957

My beautiful
German automatic

The gallery below says it all: It is a German Kemmner Tonneau automatic watch with a Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement.

Fantastic watch. Just google Erkahund and you will find it. I love it, and have been using it as a everyday watch – but I guess it is really a dress watch. A special one.

My vintage Longines

Some pictures of my nice vintage Longines gold watch:

Ticking classic from the Swiss knife maker

The Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance fits nicely into my mighty (:-)) watch collection: A Bulova Precisionist Claremont, a vintage Longines gold dress watch and a Timex DataLink 150 (vintage too, I guess. And certified by NASA for space travel).

Wikipedia's security hole

**Any administrator on Wikipedia can run any Javascript code in all the visitors’ browsers. On the wiki for the English language [ref][/ref], the number of people with that power is currently 1458.[ref][/ref]**

And many of these people are people with no name. I’m not saying they do anything harmful. I know many of them to be of the most honest kind.

What a nice watch!

I got myself a new watch, the Bulova Precisionist Claremont. At about 170 USD from its a bargain. The continuously sweeping second hand is impressive, and it looks fantastic. Some say it is big, but the curved design makes it just right.

The only detail I’m not entirely sure about is the faux croc strap. I might do as this guy: Get a replacement.